Tea Parties

Posted: April 25, 2009 in politics
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I know, I know. This is a little late, but I just opened this account yesterday so please bear with me.

I don’t get it. I don’t get how people don’t understand what this was really about. “Oh, it’s just freedomworks and Americans for Prosperity pushing their conservative propaganda.” The tea party in my hometown wasn’t promoted by either organization. Chances are you’ve never even heard of my hometown. The tea party here was put together by five students from a local private school. Their ages range from twelve to fourteen. They allowed no anti-government or anti-Obama signs at their rally. It lasted one hour. There were prayers, games, and refreshments. It was closed with a speech written by a fourteen year old girl and delivered by her classmate, who is thirteen. I quote, “We all understand that our country cannot function without taxes but our country must run on a balanced budget and our taxes can not pay for everything that every senator and every representative and every special interest group wants.”

Wow! Twelve to fourteen year old kids get it. Or are they just shills for those conservative-propaganda-pushing machines? Oh, they just know what they’re parents told them. They can’t really be that informed on current events. Surely it can’t be that they know they and their children are going to be the ones who’ll have to pay the massive debt (the budget deficit will be $9.3T in ten years) the government is ratcheting up.

As for me, I used to be among the majority of Americans out there who hardly pay attention to politics. But last September two things happened: 1- I started watching Glenn Beck. 2- I started doing my own research. This research has helped me find my “political compass” (which is conservative Libertarian, btw). I was never for the bailouts. I was never for monetizing our own debt (something that’s never been done w/out leading to hyperinflation). I was never for nationalizing the banks or any industry. I’ve become a fan of Daniel Hannan.

I’ve read about the depression that started in 1920 and ended a year and a half later in 1921. That’s how it began. This is how it ended. Seems simple enough to me.

Will someone please enlighten me as to how excessive spending by the government in Zimbabwe has helped their economy? Oh, it hasn’t? They’ve had such massive inflation that they’ve abandoned their currency. Oh, but I’m sure the Weimar Republic had nothing to worry about, right? Right? Oh, they’re the ones who had to use wheelbarrows full of money to buy bread. So that’s no help. Can anyone point to one exception where excessive, or otherwise out of control, government spending ever helped revive a faltering economy? This is the reason for the tea parties. This is why we were protesting.

And as for why we didn’t protest when Bush was in office, it wasn’t time. When the $700B bailout was passed, then it was time. When the $787B “stimulus” plan was passed, it was time. When the $410B Omnibus bill, with $7.7B in pork was passed, it was time. When the government took control of AIG and GM, it was time.

So we’re racist rednecks? We’re pissed because a black man’s president? Ms. Garofalo, you cut me to the quick! Ok, so maybe I am a redneck. Maybe I don’t live in a culturaly diverse area. As for a black man being president, I don’t care if he’s pink with purple polka dots. If I do my research (which I did) and deem that I don’t believe he’s the best person for the job, that’s my opinion based on facts, not race. If I disagree with him, that doesn’t make me racist. If I voice my disagreement, I’m exercising my freedom of speech, which you did when you made those offensive remarks.

Go here to hear Glenn talking about what Obama’s crew told us in January about if the stimulus wasn’t passed (it should be the top video on the page, episode 7). I believe they overestimated their power to control the free market and underestimated the power of falling consumer confidence. Follow the lessons from the founding fathers, such as: big government = bad; government of the peole, by the people, for the people = good.

And what was Obama’s response to the tea parties? Well, he reminded us that he cut taxes for 95% of Americans. I have one question: can you cut taxes for people who aren’t paying taxes? It wasn’t a tax cut, it was a tax CREDIT! What was it Benjamin Franklin said about poverty? Oh yeah, it was: “I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it.” So, what Obama’s done is paid them for being poor. Doesn’t that fall in line with making them easy in poverty? Oh, and out of the $13/ week I was promised by Mr. Obama, I only received $8.70. But  I don’t have to worry about that since I’ll be losing my job in about two months because the company I work for is shutting down their plant here. So now I’ll get the extra $25/ week on my unemployment check. And I’m able to draw the max (which, before the extra $25 is $275/week). But I’ll still be a little over $100/week short of what I’m making now, which it took me 8 years to work up to.

Obviously no one in the so-called mainstream media took us seriously because the protests were promoted by two conservative organizations. Wait, that can’t be right. They took the protests at the AIG CEO’s houses seriously and ACORN and the SEIU paid to bus those protesters there. And those are two very liberal organizations. And I’m sure they reported on the fact that our protests were nonviolent (although I admit that there were some kooks in the crowd. But that’s to be expected when you get thousands of people together). And I’m sure they reported on the death threats to the AIG folks made by some of those at the bonus protests. Well, actually I don’t think they did. At least not in anything I’ve read or heard. Except on Fox News. Specifically Glenn Beck & Bill O’Reilly.

So does that mean that the majority of the MSM leans to the left? I’m afraid so. Don’t worry, I’m also aware that Fox News leans to the right. My point is, for the media to be so blatantly biased goes against their supposed principles. The news shouldn’t be about your own personal bias, it should be about finding and reporting on the truth. That’s why I like the opinion shows of Beck and O’Reilly. They actually admit their bias. They also encourage you to do your own research. And 9 times out of 10 you learn they speak the truth. And just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it any less true.

Well, this went a little longer than I expected. If you stuck with it and watched the videos, good for you. You’re now more informed than when this page first popped up on your screen. Maybe. And if you already knew this stuff, why are you still reading? Go out and enjoy yourself. Spend money & stimulate the economy. Buy a lot of cars so I won’t lose my job. BTW, that was sarcasm. I don’t want some nutjob to actually go out and buy a car only to lose it and blame me.


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