Unexpected twist

Posted: April 28, 2009 in economy, politics
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It’s amazing the twists a research project can take. While looking at Obama’s campaign website trying to figure out where he stands on marijuana legalization, I saw where he said McCain’s economic plan would add $3.4T to the national debt. So I decided to find out how much money his administration has spent so far (not what’s been promised, just what’s been spent). While searching for that, I came across an article at News Daily where he’s talking about restoring fiscal discipline. But how’s he gonna do that? Well, that would include support for legislation that would require raising taxes or cutting other expenditures to pay for new programs.

Now, I’m all for cutting unnecessary programs and expenditures. Not so much liking the raising taxes thing, though. And what happened to not raising taxes on people making less than $250,000? Barely three months into his term and he’s talking about breaking that promise (which is a moot point since he approved raising taxes on smokers to pay for the extension of S-CHIP). Now who would’ve seen this coming? I wonder…Oh yeah, I think I did, along with a few Congressmen and that crazy psycho Glenn Beck. I did agree with something else he said, “But we cannot settle for a future of rising deficits and debts that our children cannot pay.”  Testify, brother! But why couldn’t he and Congress have made that decision before mortgaging the next generations’ future? Speaking of which, did you see where the House cut out $150B from Obama’s budget? Sounds like a lot at first glance, but when you consider Obama’s budget was $3.55T and they’ve trimmed it down to $3.4T, don’t sound like that much anymore, do it?

Why can’t we find just one politician who says what they mean and lives by what they say? Wait, there is one and he could’ve been president but he was labeled as a kook (Ross Perot-style) and his supporters labeled as “Paultards”. Yep, I’m talking about that Republican from Texas…Dr. Ron Paul. He’s schooled Ben Bernanke on finances. He’s warned about the housing bubble for several years. He’s studied all aspects of the economy since he’s been in office (and prior to that). He’s the man to listen to when it comes to how we need to pull ourselves out of this recession without ending up like Zimbabwe or the Weimar Republic (circa 1923). He has the balls to introduce a bill that would allow the Federal Reserve to be audited, something that has never been done. And that bill, H.R. 1207 has 92 co-sponsors as of right now. Hmm, maybe he’s not so crazy. Please, watch this video and contact your congressmen demanding their support for this bill.

See what I mean about research taking unexpected twists? I started out talking about marijuana and ended up on the Federal Reserve. Of course, you can probably understand the Fed better if you’re high. So maybe I didn’t take a wide turn…

Update 4/30- The companion bill to H.R. 1207 in the Senate is S604, The Federal Reserve Sunshine Act, sponsored by Sen. Bernie Sanders. At this time, S604 has no co-sponsors. Contact your senators and demand thier support. H.R. 1207 now has 109 co-sponsors.


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