The first 30 seconds of this video is where I’ll make my point.

First of all, the president is not supposed to be popular with the media. When that happens, you get MSNBC, who has drooled over Obama since the campaign. They’ve stopped being unbiased and reporting on the news. Now it’s all about making conservatives look like morons. So yes, I will watch a news channel where the president is not popular. I will watch a news channel that doesn’t slobber over the president. If that means I’ve gotta watch Fox News, so be it. But that’s good, ’cause I like a few of the people on Fox, like Beck, O’Reilly, Cavuto, Shep, Baier, and Megyn Kelly. Yes, I know they’re biased, but I agree with a lot of what they say.

Secondly, I resent being mocked for standing up for what I believe. The majority of tea parties were peaceful, they weren’t anti-Obama or anti-government. There were more than a few hundred. Not all of them got attention, like the one here. I would estimate that there were at least a thousand. I would also estimate that the number of people, either at the protests or in some way supported them, numbered in the hundreds of thousands, not tens of thousands.

It’s obvious that people still don’t get what the protests were about. You pass a stimulus bill with tons of pork (literally) in it. What was it, $925,000 to study swine odor? Another $925,000 either for mosquito traps or a nature education center? Those projects, along with those in the omnibus bill, the TARP program, the stimulus enacted by Bush last year, and the record-breaking budget passed the other day, WILL LEAD TO HIGHER TAXES!!!!!

I’m proud to be a member of the “party of no”. It’s not like less expensive alternatives haven’t been offered. I will not stand behind anything that mortgages the next generations future. If that means that I lose everything and have to live in a cardboard box, so be it.

I lose more and more respect for you every day.

  1. LOUDelf says:

    I definitely disagree that the Tea Parties were not anti-government, as their premise was the that loonies in gov’t were over-taxing and over-spending. These Tea Parties were also only organized after Obama was elected, and if you attended one (which it looks like you may have), you didn’t have to look past a couple of signs to see one mentioning Obama in a not-so-pretty light.

    But I think right now you are being mocked, like so many Dems were in 2000 because people like being on a winning team. When you stand up and differ, people feel better by letting you know you’re in the minority. To me, this is silly, but then, I’m in the minority too on many causes…

    • Mike says:

      Being against over-taxing and over-spending isn’t anti-government, per se. And it’s not about the taxes we’re currently paying, at least not to me. It’s about the taxes we’ll be paying when this crisis is over to pay for all this spending. And unfortunately I was unable to attend a tea party, although I had the opportunity if only I didn’t work third shift. And sure, there were some kooks. I mean, if you get thousands of people together you’re bound to find a few nuts. But the tea parties like the one here weren’t given proper coverage. The one here was put together by five private school kids, ages twelve to fourteen. They allowed no anti-Obama or anti-government signs. It was only covered by our local paper. I wrote a little about it in another post (tea parties) if you’re interested.

      And even though they weren’t organized until after Obama was elected, that doesn’t mean they were anti-Obama. But with the passage of the pork-filled stimulus & omnibus packages, the TARP program (started under Bush), the stimulus Bush passed, and others, we see our future and the value of the dollar slipping away. I’ll be the first to admit that I hope I’m wrong. But when I look at the past governments who have tried this exact same thing, I get worried. I have yet to find one instance where this has worked successfully anywhere.

      As for being mocked, that doesn’t bother me. I’m used to it. It’s being mocked by the president and so-called reporters that ticked me off. It was childish and unprofessional. If he really wants to discuss how we would go about handling this crisis, we’re open for that. There have been precedents set, on both sides. But we were brushed off. The same way Bush brushed off those who disagreed with him. It wasn’t right then and it ain’t right now. All I want is a proper discussion and a fair debate. Until that happens, I’ll keep shouting from the rooftops.

  2. LOUDelf says:

    I have a problem with the current tax rates personally. Over the previous 8 years, we saw an administration lower taxes slightly while drastically increasing spending. They then started cutting deductions so they wouldn’t look they they raised taxes. So, after being stuck in the highest tax bracket and watching the party that supposedly was for lower taxes AND reasonable government spending, I was then introduced the party that called me the enemy and has promised to punish me and my kind by increasing my already heaviest burden to further pay for others to work less and get to live closer to the way I do. Talk about needing a Tea Party!

    I was not able to attend, but did give it a little press on my blog for an organizer over at and her efforts at the only place it should have been really striking: Boston. Wish I had gone.

    “Being against over-taxing and over-spending isn’t anti-government, per se.” Reminds me of a recent quote by Janet Napolitano “Crossing the border [without a visa] is not a crime per se”. Our government has over-taxed and over-spent for many years. Being against these IS being against our government in its current form. But, the Tea Party was a movement to start changing this.

    • Mike says:

      I hear you. One thing they need to realize is that you can’t make the poor rich by making the rich poor. I am most certainly on my way to being poor. I’ve got one foot in the door already. And even I can see that it’s the rich who create jobs. We should be giving them more incentive to keep jobs here instead of driving them overseas. That’s part of what Harding did in the early 20’s and that’s why the 20’s were the roaring 20’s. That’s what Reagan did in the 80’s and that’s how we got out of the mess that Carter got us in. Now we’ve got the second highest corporate tax rate in the world, second only to Japan, and they want to raise it even more. It’s ridiculous the lack of common sense our government, both Dems and Repubs, has.

      I watched Glenn Beck last Friday (well, I watch it every day but this was a special episode) and he talked about the lies and the bias the media pushed about the tea parties. He had regular people, not experts, talking about why they either attended or organized a tea party. If you can find it on youtube it’s worth watching.

      And I hate to say it, but Ms Napolitano was my inspiration for that quote. I had just finished reading about the interview where you got that quote and it was still fresh in my mind. The reason I say it’s not anti-government is when I hear that phrase I think of Anarchists. But I agree that it is against our government in its current form. No doubt about that. We just have to keep the momentum going and if they still don’t listen, vote them out and get someone who will listen. Come July 4 I plan on being at the next round of tea parties. Hopefully these will be bigger than the first.

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