I’ve been avoiding this for a while, but after all the hate being spread I gotta put in my two cents. Miss California answered a question about gay marriage, posed by Perez Hilton, honestly. She believes in traditional marriage, i.e. man and woman. Whether you agree with her or not isn’t the point. She’s being attacked for her views.

She was asked a question and she didn’t give the PC answer. She answered honestly and now she’s being bashed for it. I have some advice for Perez: If you don’t want the answer, don’t ask the question. And for all you others getting on the Carrie Prejean-bashing bandwagon, back off. Do you think you would’ve had the guts to answer such a question honestly, knowing that your answer would be “controversial”?

I have one question: Why is this hate speech not a hate crime? If the roles were reversed and someone were bashing gays or lesbians, it would be labeled a hate crime. Why the double standard? Are your beliefs more important than anyone else’s? Spare us the diatribe and go away to live your life in obscurity.


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