Cap and Trade

Posted: May 8, 2009 in economy, environment, politics
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It’s just a tax. A huge tax. And a scam.

Let’s examine it. We put a cap on how much carbon a company can put in the air. They have so many “credits” they can use. They can sell their unused credits to other companies. What this amounts to is some companies, like GE, are poised to capitalize on this legislation.

GE is big on wind power. So their plants will produce very little carbon. So while they “pollute” very little, they can sell their credits to other companies so they can “pollute” more. So how is this supposed to help our environment? This is just a scam to line the pockets of so-called “green” companies. This isn’t going to help the environment.

“But the CO2 is destroying our atmosphere.” Really? Earthguide might take exception to that. You see, they’ve done a study that shows CO2 levels are 20 times lower than they were 500 million years ago. Also, according to NOAA, the ocean has removed 48% of the CO2 we’ve released by burning fossil fuels and cement manufacturing. Also, plants put out more CO2 than they take in. Does that mean we need to regulate them? And, according to the EPA, CO2 only makes up about .035% of the atmosphere.

In a totally unrelated story, remember cold fusion? Yeah, you thought it was just hype and couldn’t be done. Guess again. Watch this video from 60 Minutes, and tell me if you think it’s just hype.


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