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Has Domino Sugar lost their minds? C12H22O11 is the chemical makeup of sugar (the C12 stands for 12 atoms of carbon) yet they want to label their products as being carbon free?domino_sugar_bag

Have we so demonized the carbon atom that we don’t even want it in our sugar? BTW, it’s impossible to have sugar without the carbon. Otherwise you have 11 molecules of water (H2O times 11 = H22O11).

And what about our bodies? We’re carbon-based life forms. Should we regulate ourselves? Should we pay higher taxes the fatter we are, since our bodies would have more carbon than a thinner person? Or what about asthmatics? Should we pay higher taxes because when we have an asthma attack we breath out more CO2 than the average person?

And those damn plants! How dare they release CO2 into the atmosphere? Of course, they also use it to survive. Maybe we should exterminate those plants who put our more CO2 than the average plant. Or just give them a certain amount of “carbon credits” and if they don’t use them all they can sell them to other plants who are in danger of exceeding their carbon credits.

Can we please stop the idiocy!? Yes, man has contributed to global warming (the whole .74 degrees of it over the last 150 years). The extent of that contribution, however, has yet to be determined. There are, so far, no definitive answers as to how we go about minimizing that contribution. Face it, we can’t eliminate our CO2 output completely, otherwise all the plants would die off, and that would be even worse for the environment than what we’re doing now.

Oh, and Domino? Their sugar products aren’t carbon free. It’s an advertising gimmick trying to capitalize on the “green” movement. Like I said, if sugare were carbon free, all you’d have is water.


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