Leave the man alone

Posted: May 27, 2009 in politics, soldiers
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They say he flip-flopped. You say he caved. I say he listened.
Republicans are saying that even though Obama made the right decision in the end, he did it for the wrong reasons. Democrats are saying that we should have more transparency (which I agree with, but not in this instance).
I say he listened to his national security advisors and military leaders.obama

They don’t want the photos released. You do. I say don’t do it.
Republicans don’t want the photos released because they would be used as recruitment tools for terrorists and fuel hatred towards America.
Democrats say their civil liberties were violated so therefor the photos should be released.
I agree with the Republican argument, but I’ll also add that those responsible for the actions in those pictures have been investigated and punished accordingly so releasing the photos would accomplish nothing.

Why is this even an issue? When Obama’s own national security advisers say releasing the photos will put Americans in harms way and military leaders say it will put our troops in even more danger, what is there to argue about? Why am I stuck defending Obama, from the left and right? This is an awkward position for me. This is like the third or fourth time since his inauguration I’ve had to defend him, and I don’t even like him!

I believe he made the right call (you have no idea how hard it is for me to say that). If put in his shoes, seeing the intelligence he sees daily, what call would you make? That, unfortunately, is a question we can’t answer because we don’t  see the intelligence he does. This is a call I’m going to trust him to make. Hopefully he’ll classify the images so they won’t be leaked. And if they’re leaked before they’re classified, I hope the guilty parties pay a huge fine.

  1. stop hatin says:

    waterboarding is not torture. do you have any idea how many of our us soldiers have been water boarded? a lot of them and there was no harm done. democrats need to get over getmo, they need to read history and compare other wars faught compared to the iraq war. iraq was nothing.

    • Mike says:

      We don’t need to look at this as Democrat vs Republican. It’s a common sense issue. He’s being attacked by both sides right now for incomprehensible reasons. But to my understanding, the photos in question don’t involve waterboarding. Detainees were humiliated and denied certain rights and the people responsible have been investigated and punished. I believe justice was served in those cases so no good can come from the release of the rest of the photos.

      Is waterboarding torture? The way it was handled by the CIA, I don’t think it is. There was a physician standing by and they were in no immediate physical danger. But that’s my opinion. There are many people who agree with me and many more who don’t. But this is not our call. The President made a national security decision and this is one that I’ll stand behind.

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