As I lie here

Posted: May 31, 2009 in poetry

Today I lie here
Thinking of the life I lived
Of the choices I made

I think of my friends
And of my enemies
Who made me who I am

I think of lovers past
Paramours I knew
Who made life worth living

Mostly I think of you
Keeper of the flame in my heart
My queen in life’s game of chess

I think of the laughs we shared
And the tears we shed
Even the many fights we had

As I lie here today
My breath becoming shallow
A smile forms on my face

Today I go into the great unknown
But fear is nonexistent
Memories of you keeping me strong

My eyes glazing over
I see your face one last time
As you lean in to give me one last kiss

My last breath escaping I whisper
The words that brought meaning to my life
“I love you”


I wrote this sometime last year and posted it on a couple other sites with little or no feedback. Let me know what you thnk.


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