Government health care

Posted: June 1, 2009 in finances, healthcare, politics, soldiers
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So, how good would a government-run health care system be? Let’s ask people who have received care at any VA facility. The VA is funded by taxpayer dollars, the same way a public health care system would be funded. We’ve all heard horror stories about the VA, but personally, I’ve never heard them firsthand. This is an open invitation for any soldier, past or present, or any family of a soldier, to share your personal stories about your experiences with the VA. For instance, how long did you have to wait (if at all) and for what type of procedure; what was and wasn’t covered; how would you rate your experience; did you have to pay anything out of pocket; what could be improved; etc.

Now, we all know that the VA is terribly underfunded. How can we fix that without raising taxes or creating new ones? Well, for starters, let’s put the government in the only two businesses it should be in, i.e. national security and commerce with other nations. Could you imagine the money we would save on taxes. There would be more available for necessary programs to ensure our safety, the VA being one of those programs.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who has personal experiences with the VA. Even employees.


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