Random Rant

Posted: June 5, 2009 in rants

Why do people like to combine words to make new ones, or combine names when famous people hook up? Can’t we just stick to the original words & names, please?

Most of the time the words are redundant. For example, guesstimate. When you guess you estimate. And when you estimate you guess. From now on, anyone using the word guesstimate around me is subject to getting slapped in the back of the head. This goes for all other made up words.

As for combining names of celebs who hook up, like Brad and Angelina, aka Brangelina, that’s just plain stupid. You might think it’s cute, but it just makes me sick. I don’t know why, it just does. So please refrain from doing this around me. This goes for pseudo-celebs as well, such as Heidi and Spencer, aka Speidi. BTW, why exactly are they famous?As a matter of fact, that goes for everyone, famous or not.

So can we please, as a society, make a pact with ourselves that we will never make up stupid words or combine celeb names? Just imagine how much better our society would be if we didn’t waste our time on such drivel.


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