What do Americans want?

Posted: June 6, 2009 in automotive, environment, healthcare, politics
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I got the list below from cars.com.

  • Ford F-Series: 33,381
  • Chevy Silverado: 31,463
  • Toyota Camry: 31,325
  • Toyota Corolla: 23,576
  • Honda Accord: 22,597
  • Honda Civic: 20,723
  • Ford Fusion: 19,786
  • Chevy Impala: 18,709
  • Nissan Altima: 18,408
  • Ford Escape: 16,391

2009FordF150.Platinum.f78With the government telling us that not only do we need more energy efficient vehicles, but we want them as well, it seems they need to look at the numbers. With the average mpg of a 2009 Camry being 26, I don’t think that counts as energy efficient. The Accord averages around 25, the Impala gets around 23 (17 with E85), Altima averages around 26, and the Escape gets 21. The F-150 averages around 17 and the Silverado averages around 17. All vehicles were 2009 models. With seven out of the top ten vehicles not considered fuel efficient (I admit 25 and 26 mpg are decent numbers, but they’re not up to what the government considers fuel efficent, which is around 30 mpg), how can anyone say that Americans want fuel efficient vehicles? Let me rephrase that: how can anyone say we want those vehicles now? Even good ol’ G.W. said we needed them. This just proves that those elitists in Washington don’t have their fingers on the pulse of the people they’re supposed to represent.


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