I mean this with every fiber of my being…

Posted: June 8, 2009 in politics, rants
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How in the world is Bill Maher still on the air? Does anyone with any sense actually find him funny or relevant? For instance, I was trying to watch his monologue tonight, which was painfully unfunny (you could tell even the audience was uncomfortable with how unfunny it was), when he started talking about Sarah Palin. He mentioned something she said about the stimulus money, how it’s about the government controlling the states (if it’s not, then why can’t the states turn it down?). He seemed to take exception to that so what did he do? He did what most normal people would do, he attacked Bristol Palin, saying something along the lines of, “Yeah, the stimulus is all about the Federal Reserve coming in and making your daughter use a condom.”

Very classy, Bill. Attack the kid of the person you disagree with. Whether it’s done in humor or not makes no difference. If you disagree with someone, how about making them the target of your “humor”. Or better yet, why not live out your days in relative obscurity? So far, you’re just the second person on my please-go-away-and-let-humanity-forget-about-you list, just after Perez Hilton.


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