Are you kidding me?

Posted: June 13, 2009 in extremism, healthcare, news, politics, rants
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Can someone please explain this to me? Obama  wants to cut $313 billion dollars from Medicare, Medicaid, and other programs to pay for health care reform. We’re gonna take money from health care to pay for health care? Isn’t this like the Fed buying Treasuries?

$110 billion will come from reducing scheduled increases in Medicare payments. $75 billion will come from “better pricing of Medicare drugs”. $22 billion will come from adjusting payment rates for physician imaging services and cutting waste, fraud, and abuse. But the most appalling thing in the article says that $106 billion will come from cutting payments to hospitals to treat uninsured patients. They assume those numbers of uninsured patients will decrease as health care reforms kick in. We’re going to take money for treating uninsured patients to pay for insurance for said patients? The money comes from the same place and goes to the same place. How is that a cut?

I read this in an article on Reuters (one of the few respectable news sources left), and I couldn’t believe it. Do they think we’re that stupid. Apparently they do, if you listen to Charlie Rangle. Reportedly, he doesn’t want us to concentrate on the cost of a single-payer health plan. He wants us to get used to the coverage first, then they’ll talk to us about the cost.

I am so sick and tired of these clowns in Washington telling us how we need to live our lives and what our money needs to go for. It’s time for a revolution. Not a French Revolution, but an American Revolution. Let me elaborate. Every two, four, and six years we have a revolution in this country…at the polls. No bloodshed. We peaceably voice our opinions and revolutionize this great country. Here’s a novel idea: instead of Democrats & Republicans, why not fill both houses with Libertarians and Independents? Democrats and Republicans are on the same team right now, with a few dissenters on both sides. This graph (which I drew, sorry for the poor quality) is exactly where we’re at right now: government_graphIs that where you want this country to be? If we keep giving them the power, then we’ll be all the way to the left, which is just as bad as all the way to the right. Here’s where we need to be:ideal_gov'tA little to the left, a little to the right: that’s perfectly fine. But when the pendulum swings to the extreme one way, it’s going to swing to the extreme the other way. Look what happened last weekend in the EU. Far right extremist groups won several seats because of the way the extreme left has been handling this crisis. So are you sure you want to keep giving the gov’t more power with health care, cap & trade, VAT’s (value added taxes), etc.?


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