Obama vs Fox News

Posted: June 19, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Something tells me Obama hasn’t been watching Fox News. He seems to think they don’t do any positive stories on him. Time for your wake-up call, Mr. President.

I watch FN two to three hours daily. I’ve seen several commentators, such as Alan Colmes, Lamont Hill, Juan Williams, Brett Baier, Megyn Kelly, Glenn Beck, and even Bill O’Reilly defend your position on several issuses. Most notably, the decision not to release the “torture” photos. By my guess (and it’s only a guess), the stories on FN are about 43% in your favor, around 50% against, and 7% neutral.

So why do you say they don’t run favorable stories about you? Is it because you want the world to forget that you’ve got the NYT in your back pocket? Do you want us to overlook your connection with GE through MSNBC (which has run around 70% of their stories in your favor)? Should we overlook the fact that GE CEO Jeff Immelt told his “reporters” not to run anything that painted you in a bad light?

The fact of the matter is that Fox News has been more fair in their reporting than any of the other cable news shows. I guess that’s why Bill O’Reilly has had the number on rated cable news show for over eight years. Just because they don’t drool over you doesn’t mean they don’t run stories that make you look good. They put you up on a pedestal when you gave the go ahead to take out the pirates a few months ago, even though I personally thought you should’ve done it sooner.

So before you go making accusations, perhaps you should get all the facts first. If you want to find people who really don’t like your policies, turn on SIRIUS 144. With Mark Levin, Mike Church, and several others, it’s hard to find one favorable story about you involving your policies. So if you wanna go after someone, go for them. Or better yet, come after me. Ninety percent of my blogs are anti- your policies.


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