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Posted: July 16, 2009 in health care
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People ask me, when I complain about government health care,what I would do to fix the problem. Well, here’s my solution: follow Dr. John Muney and a group of physicians in Seattle. What Dr. Muney started doing was charging a flat rate of $79/month and a one year contract. Dr Muney says he can make more money by doing business that way because he eliminates the middleman. He doesn’t have to deal with insurance companies, for the thousand people who signed his contract. He still accepts insurance from other customers, but prefers the flat rate because there’s no hassle. Unfortunately the insurance companies didn’t like this so they got the state involved. They are forcing Dr. Muney to charge $99/month and if you’re REALLY sick you have to pay an extra $30 (just an example of what’s to come from Obamacare).

A group of doctors in Seattle is doing something slightly more radical: charging based on age – anywhere between $39 & $99. So far, to the best of my knowledge, the state isn’t getting involved… yet.

These practices would curb and even lower costs while increasing access to care. The amount of uninsured going to emergency room would drop dramatically which in turn would lower the cost taxpayers would have to reimburse emergency rooms for lost income from patients who couldn’t pay. Problem solved. Am I wrong? Is Obamacare better (with its $1.5 TRILLION price tag)? Dr. Muney’s concept is simple, and to paraphrase Thomas Paine: the simpler something is, the better it’s likely to be. That’s why he used plain language when he wrote Common Sense. He knew the easier it was to understand the more likely people we’re to agree. Let’s use more common sense solutions like Dr Muney’s health care solution.


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