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Posted: August 31, 2009 in my book
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The following are the last two paragraphs from the first chapter of my book.

Everything comes back to class warfare with progressives. You shouldn’t be surprised to find several examples in this book of early 20th century progressives promoting this type of warfare. Teddy summed it up best when he said, “The belief in different classes, each having a voice in government, has given rise to much of our present difficulty; for whosoever believes in these separate classes, each with a voice, inevitably, even though unconsciously, tends to work, not for the good of the whole people, but for the protection of some special class – usually that to which he himself belongs”.

His opponent during the campaign, Mr. Taft, believed that every class should have a voice in the government. President Roosevelt believed that every citizen should vote “as a good citizen, whose prime interests are the same as those of all other good citizens.” It’s my belief, however, that every individual, of every class, should vote their conscience. As my parents have told me my entire life, you have your own mind, use it. Do the research on all the candidates and vote the way you believe would be most beneficial not only to your city, county, state, and country, but also vote the way you believe will benefit you the most individually. Because in the end that’s what we are: a nation of individuals.


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