cost of living comparison

Posted: December 13, 2009 in economy, finances, politics, rants
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Came across this site by accident: and decided to do a little comparison.

In 2008 London, a music CD cost 15.99€ (I’m hoping that € stands for euro since it’s between the dollar sign and yen sign on my phone). In US dollars that comes to $25.10. In NYC, same year, a CD actually cost $11.81. A luxury 2 BR apartment (unfurnished) cost 3333.05€/month in London. That comes to $5232.89/month in NYC. In London, a bus/subway ride cost 4.00€, $6.28 adjusted to US dollars. Actual NYC cost – $1.36. One international daily newspaper in London cost 2€. Adjusted to US $ = $3.14. Actual – $1.36. One coffee w/service (doesn’t say what size) – 2.93€. $4.59 adjusted. $2.55 actual NYC cost. Finally, one fast food hamburger meal – 5.19€, $8.15 adjusted, $4.00 actual NYC cost.

Quite a bit of disparity there, dontcha think? Why do you think the cost of living was so much more in London than NYC? Could it be because of socialized medicine, which leads to higher taxes on businesses/wealthy which lead to higher costs for consumers? It may be. Or there might be some other reason. I don’t know because I don’t know British politics, but from what I’ve heard, I’m leaning towards socialized medicine as the cause. That’s one of the many reasons I vehemently oppose the hcr legislation being pushed through congress.

So for every one of you that chastise me because I don’t want my money going for someone else’s hcr, or because I believe I’M entitled to the fruits of my labor before anyone else, and because I’m so greedy that I want to keep as much of the money I’ve earned as possible…it’s for this reason I feel this way. Higher taxes in the “rich” lead to higher costs for consumers (us) ergo we keep less money and become poorer thus relying ever so much more on the government to take care of us. I don’t want that. Do you?


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