Remembering Robin Hood

Posted: January 28, 2010 in politics, rants
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*Spoilers for BBC’s Robin Hood included*

Growing up, Robin Hood was one of my favorite stories. The evil, corrupt Prince usurping his brothers throne, partnered with a corrupt sheriff, against a noble, who returned from fighting by the King’s side in the Crusade to find his people mired in poverty, doing what they had to to survive, while the Prince & sheriff lived high on the hog, taking whatever they can from the poor. Good versus evil at its finest.

Robin Hood was never supposed to be about rich vs poor. Robin himself was a nobleman, Robin of Locksley. No, Robin Hood was supposed to be about good vs evil. The virtuous nobleman and his merry band of misfits fighting the corruption wrought by the King’s evil brother.

But over the years, Robin Hood’s mythos has been twisted and distorted until it’s almost unrecognizable. No longer is it about good vs evil. It has fallen prey to progressive influence. It is now more widely recognized to be about rich vs poor, no matter if the rich are corrupt or not.

Television and movies have played a large part in this paradigm shift, as well as newspapers and books. Take the TV show Leverage: a great show on TNT that follows the original Robin Hood ideology, except during the opening credits. Nate Ford, Timothy Hutton’s character, starts off by saying, “The rich and powerful take what they want. We steal it back for you”. Notice the lack of distinction between rich and corrupt. Otherwise, it follows the good vs evil path instead of rich vs poor.

You can imagine my surprise when the BBC of all channels reinvented Robin Hood a few years ago. When I say reinvented I’m speaking of taking the story back to its roots, i.e. good vs evil. For two years the story played out true to its roots (Marian was killed at the end of season two and they took Robin’s personal story in a new direction in season three, but stayed true to the good vs evil track). Even when they killed Robin in the final episode, ending the series, they made sure the spirit of Robin Hood lived on.

I write this in the hopes of keeping alive the true spirit of Robin Hood despite the reimagining progressives keep forcing upon us. Rich does not necessarily mean evil as poor does not mean virtuous. Please, please don’t let anyone fool you into thinking rich is evil.


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