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Posted: February 17, 2010 in games
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Remember the controversy surrounding Rockstar’s game Manhunt and the violent deaths the protagonist induced on his adversaries? If I remember correctly, even the Church got involved.

Or what about the controversies surrounding any of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto games? Each new iteration brings with it new controversies. Congress even got involved when the “hot coffee” scandal broke.

But where is the controversy surrounding Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed, 1 or 2? Violent deaths, painting Christianity (especially Templars) in a negative light, a protagonist that, if the player goes strictly by the story, kills high ranking public figures, but can kill indiscriminately if he/she so chooses (though this jeopardizes his/her chance of continuing the game). But most of all, it puts a new spin on the Creation itself.

Yet I’ve heard nothing from congress or the Church. I understand congress is always coming after video games as a whole on a continual basis, but every now and then they pick one game out of hundreds to rail against. Yet somehow Assassin’s Creed has slipped under the radar, despite the graphic nature of the kills and the history told in the search for The Truth.

More surprising is the silence of the Church given the controversial way Christianity, rather all religions, are portrayed through the antagonist’s eyes. Do they approve of this portrayal, has the game slipped under their radar, or do they pick and choose the battles they think they can win?

What are your thoughts?


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