Liberals and the Tea Party

Posted: March 30, 2010 in constitution, economy, extremism, freedom, news, politics, rants, state rights
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One thing I don’t understand is the left’s displeasure with Tea Party activists. The political definition of liberal is “Favoring proposals for reform, open to new ideas for progress, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others”.

Every time a democratic member of congress discusses the Tea Parties, they take every chance to denounce them as an arm of the Republican party, call them astroturf as opposed to grass roots, call them racist, Nazis, use sexual slurs to describe them (teabaggers), etc. Doesn’t sound very tolerant to me.

In all actuality, the Tea Party movement was borne from not only classic conservatism–fiscal responsibility & states rights–but also classic liberalism–individual rights and freedoms.

So really, both liberals and conservatives should be embracing the Tea Party movement. Instead, big spending conservatives have “denounced” their old ways (yeah, right) and are trying to co-opt the movement while liberals denounce the entire movement based on the lunatic fringe.

The only political party truly supporting the movement is the Libertarian Party. While they denounce the lunatic fringe of the movement, which every movement/party has, they support the principles the movement was founded upon.

Don’t let the media reports fool you. The Tea Party movement isn’t all racist and full of hate. News programs only run stories that they believe will get them the highest ratings, just like newspapers will run stories they believe will sell more papers. The vast majority of the movement are sensible people who want a smaller and fiscally responsible government.


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