Glenn Beck, Keith Olbermann, & the politicians who gave rise to them.

Posted: May 22, 2010 in constitution, economy, environment, extremism, freedom, global warming, healthcare, politics, rants
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A lot of people don’t like Glenn Beck. Just as many people don’t like Keith Olbermann. But no one asks what caused the meteoric rise of these political commentating superstars. There have been political commentators since the beginning of politics, but few have reached the heights of these two heavyweights.

If you want to know why these, and a few others, shot to fame from virtually nowhere (with the exception of Olbermann. He made the move to politics from Sports Center), you only have to look at the language and length of the bills congress writes.

With 1,000+ page bills written by lawyers and doctors, the layman has neither the time to digest nor the knowledge to interpret these massive pieces of legislation. So what do they do? They turn to someone, anyone, who tells them in plain english what (they say) the bill says. The problem is that these commentators report on these bills according to the political philosophy they subscribe to, not necessarily what the bill actually says.

Now, do you wanna know how to minimize the impact these, and other, commentators have on the direction of the country? The answer is simple: force the legislature to write bills in plain language and limit the size of bills to a maximum of 100 pages (the simpler anything is, the easier it is to repair when broken–paraphrase of Thomas Paine)

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