Prop 8

Posted: June 16, 2010 in freedom, rants, religion
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“You don’t have to have evidence to prove that the purpose of marriage is to bear and raise children.”

The above is from Charles Cooper, the lawyer defending the gay marriage ban in California.

So does that mean, in his eyes, that not only should gay couples be kept from getting married, but also couples where one or both are infertile shouldn’t be allowed to wed?

But on the flip side, couples who can’t conceive children naturally (whether infertile or homosexual) have other options to having children. From artificial insemination to adoption, couples of all kinds can “bear & raise children”.

Also, you don’t have to be married to conceive or raise a child. Not sure if his parents had that talk with him.

For the record, I am against anything that limits personal freedoms. Gay marriage doesn’t hurt anyone and doesn’t force anyone to do something against their will.


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