Immigration lawsuit

Posted: July 8, 2010 in constitution, immigration, news, politics, rants, state rights
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The feds finally filed a lawsuit to block AZ’s ‘tough’ immigration law, not on grounds that it unjustly discriminates against immigrants (as many have argued), both legal & illegal, but on the grounds that it usurps federal authority.

But answer me this: since there are federal laws setting minimum wage, why hasn’t the federal government sued the 5 states (AR, CO, GA, MI, & WY) with minimum wages lower than what the feds say it should be? (According to the Department of Labor, the higher of the 2 is the effective minimum wage, eg. since CA’s minimum wage ($8/hr) is higher than the fed’s ($7.25/hr), CA’s effective minimum wage is $8/hr)

Federal laws, when expressly granted the power by the US Constitution, trump state laws. There is no constitutional provision granting them authority over pay rates in the different states.

They are granted authority over immigration, however. But since the ‘controversial’ AZ law says basically the same thing as federal law, and the feds aren’t enforcing said law, what’s the problem? In my opinion, the AZ legislature only did what they felt they needed to.

But in order to truly curb illegal immigration, federal law needs to be changed. 1st, a temporary guest worker program that is truly temporary, should be instituted. And for those who have overstayed their visas, if they’re in the process of becoming a US citizen, they should be given amnesty. Not becoming a citizen? Well, you’re going back home. (Same should go for those on student visas, also).

2nd. End birthright citizenship. Yes, it’s guaranteed under the 14th amendment, which was ratified in 1865 to give slaves & their children citizenship, which means we would need a constitutional convention to overturn this part of the amendment.

3rd. You come here, you pay taxes, period. No grace period. (I would also do away with the progressive tax system & institute an across the board flat tax, but that’s different legislation)

4th. Encourage skilled workers that we need to come here, workers that the US needs & can’t find within its borders. (Also lower the corporate tax rate & eliminate the capital gains tax to encourage businesses to stay here or move here from other countries, but that, too, is separate legislation)

5th, and perhaps most important: End the drug war here & encourage Mexico to do the same. >23,000 Mexican people, some involved with the drug trade & some not, have been killed because of this failed policy since 2006. That’s almost 380% higher than how many US servicemen & women have been killed in Iraq & Afghanistan since 2001. Wouldn’t you leave if you could? No matter what?

And contrary to popular belief, the crime rate, even violent crimes, has declined over the last ten years in AZ, even though the immigration rate has risen.

My conclusion? Both the AZ immigration law and the federal suit to stop it are purely political. Neither are designed to cure the disease, & only one is designed to treat a symptom (for lack of a better analogy. I don’t think of immigrants as a disease.)

By the way, if you read my previous post(s) on immigration, you’ll see I’ve changed my view quite drastically. This is because I’ve done more of my own researching & less listening to talking heads.


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