Open Letter to HP & Verizon Wireless

Posted: February 16, 2011 in rants, Technology
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Dear HP,

I loved everything I read about during your Feb 9 Think Beyond event. I’m not even disappointed that I won’t be getting webOS 2.0 on my Verizon Pre Plus. I’ve been through that with BlackBerry & wasn’t surprised.

However, I am concerned about how you’re going to “make things right” for the current webOS community. Especially those of us with over a year left on our contracts. I’m not asking for answers now. I’m just asking that you don’t forget about those of us who were late in coming to webOS.

Currently, I plan on buying a Touchpad (really wish you kept the name Topaz) & most likely a Pre 3, unless you release something better by the time I upgrade.

As for Verizon:

While no carriers have been announced for HP’s upcoming devices, I hope you jump on the bandwagon as I plan on upgrading to the next webOS device. Also, I hope you continue to include the mobile hotspot at no charge as I plan on buying a Wifi only HP Touchpad (if they include a Wifi only model) & using the mobile hotspot to connect as I can’t afford another data plan.

As of now, you are the only viable carrier choice for me as you’re the only one with service in my area that offers an unlimited data plan. However, if there are no webOS devices available through you, I’ll likely jump ship if they’re available on AT&T (the only other carrier with service in my area). 

Thanks for taking the time to read my rant (if it in fact makes its way to you). I hope to have my concerns aleviated “in the coming months” :p


Mike (a loyal Palm, now HP, user & long-time Verizon customer)


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