Convenience Fees

Posted: December 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Not understanding the backlash on Verizon for wanting to institute a $2 fee for over the phone and internet payments. It’s not a monthly charge and only occurs under those two uses. Sign up for auto pay, mail your payment, or pay in a store to avoid paying an extra $2. “Convenience fees” are nothing new and help companies pay for new tech, research, and/or make current services more efficient.

By the way, the market worked like it should. Verizon announced a change to one of their services, consumers voiced their opinion, Verizon canceled the change. Many will claim the change of heart came only after the FCC voiced concern over the fee, and that’s a very distinct possibility. Perhaps it was a combination of the two. (I’ll not go into why I think the FCC should stay out of these types of business decisions.)


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