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How much of my money doesn’t belong to me? How much of the money I earn with my own two hands should be used to fund someone else’s retirement? Or their health care? Or anything for anyone, without my approval?

Has anyone who advocates for any government welfare program ever considered that maybe, just maybe, people would be more charitable if they got to keep more of their money? I bring home $490 out of my check every week. I send $110 every week to the government under the agreement that that money will help pay for the defense of this country, my health care when I’m old, and my retirement.

Instead, that money is used for unconstitutional nation building, other people’s health care, and other people’s retirement. Social Security trust fund? Doesn’t exist. A doctor that accepts Medicare or Medicaid? Fewer every day. Defending the country? Sure, if you count wars against countries which have done nothing to us and assassinating American citizens without a trial defending our country.

The plain truth is that anyone, including the government, that claims a stake on my money without my having voluntarily given it, is claiming a stake on a piece of your life. That equates to slavery. 

Every man is free to pursue his own selfish ends so long as he doesn’t infringe on or impede the right of someone else to do the same.


What do you think is the true purpose of government? If you said anything other than “to secure our freedom” or something similar, I’m going to have to respectfully disagree.

Is it the job of the government to provide us with electricity? What about water? No, it’s not. Our public works sector could easily be privatized. As a matter of fact, when TVA brought electricity to the Tennessee valley, a private company, Commonwealth & Southern, was planning on doing the same thing. But TVA was FDR’s baby and the rest is history. (for more info, check out Amity Shlaes)

Is it government’s job to provide us with an education? No. Private schools, those affiliated with a religious organization and those that aren’t, often out-perform public schools in many areas. And when vouchers are offered by the government to underprivileged children who would otherwise have to attend a sub-par public school, the children excel, and at a smaller burden to the taxpayers. One only has to look at the DC voucher program (which Education Secretary Arne Duncan decided wasn’t worth it and was subsequently canceled) to see how successful they can be.

Is it government’s responsibility to plan our retirement? Negative. This one really concerns me. Since when is it right, in a free country, for the government to take a chunk out of my paycheck without my consent and use it to pay for the retirements of the previous generation? Since FDR. Social Security was another of FDR’s progressive (what I call socialist) programs. It’s also a pyramid scheme on a scale Bernie Madoff would envy.

Up until a few years ago almost no one questioned the viability of the program. And why should they have? With more people entering the workforce than there were leaving it, SS was in no danger of running out of funds. But with the baby boomers set to retire over the next few years, and with fewer people entering the workforce than there will be leaving it, the pyramid will flip.

Let me explain: SS is a pyramid. Start with one person in the workforce. By the time he retires, two people take his place. SS wasn’t in effect when worker 1 was working. He saved for his own retirement. Workers 2 & 3 weren’t so lucky. The president signed SS into law, raising their taxes and forcing them to pay for #1’s retirement. But with two workers paying for one worker’s retirement, the burden wasn’t that bad.

But eventually we get to a point when the current generation of workers is outnumbered by the previous generation, causing the pyramid to flip. With a smaller workforce, the tax burden will have to be increased on the current generation to pay for the previous generation’s retirement, making it possible for 20M workers to pay for the retirements of 40M retirees (numbers are hypothetical). So instead of letting individuals take responsibility for their own retirement, government thought they could protect us from individual responsibility and increase our prosperity by increasing taxes.

Can you explain to me why we should let these same people get involved in reforming a healthcare system that’s not broken? Sure there are problems, but those problems are in the insurance industry and tort system, not healthcare. And even though they say they’ll only raise taxes on the “rich”, we’ll all feel the hurt eventually.

Think about it: with less capital to invest in business expansion, job creation, R&D, etc., there will be fewer jobs available each year. Sound appealing to you? Not to me.

Is it the government’s job to protect our freedoms? Yes! I am more than happy to send my tax dollars to pay for the defense of our country. I’m not happy sending my tax dollars to give a first time home buyer a tax credit, when that money could go toward my first house. I’m not happy sending my tax dollars to pay for someone else’s healthcare, especially when that money could go towards MY healthcare. I’m not happy sending my tax dollars to pay for someone else’s retirement when that money could go towards MY retirement, or whatever the hell I want to use it for because IT’S MY MONEY!

I will gladly send my money to pay for a soldier’s healthcare, education, job training, housing, etc because that’s the least I can do for someone willing to die to protect my freedom. I will gladly send my money to pay for NASA, because the time may come when we need to deflect an asteroid or even find another habitable planet. I will gladly pay for military R&D because our soldiers deserve the best weapons to defend us with.

Anything that protects our freedoms while not violating any, I will gladly pay for. Otherwise, I’ll fight government control of any industry and programs that promote dependence on government. The private sector is where viable and sustainable economic development occurs. The sooner more of us realize that, the better this country will be.

Whose fault is it that we’ve been gradually losing our freedoms since the founding of our country? Do we blame the politician, who speaks out of both sides of his mouth? Do we blame the lobbyist, who bribes governments for special favors? Do we blame the corporate CEO, who wants to make money at all cost?

Or do we blame “We the people”? Is it not our job to ensure our liberties are protected at home while our military protects us abroad? For too long we have sat idly by while the politician, lobbyist, and the occasional CEO have nibbled away at our liberties. We became complacent, thinking we could never lose freedom. But that complacency is the very reason we have lost, and continue to lose, bits of our freedoms.

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. We sat idly by while the Progressive elements in this country struck blows against freedom in the guise of protecting or taking care of us. We let them pass social security, thinking the government could plan our retirements better than we could. We let them pass Medicare and Medicaid, thinking they could manage our healthcare better in our golden years than we could. We let them pass the Patriot Act, thinking warrantless wiretaps would protect us from terrorists.

Liberty is the freedom to choose. But the examples I’ve given, among others, take choices away. Social Security hinders our choice to plan our own retirements. Medicare takes away our choice of what doctor we see (private insurers do the same, which needs to be addressed). The Patriot Act takes away our very privacy. Yet we the people sat idly by and let it happen.

Will we continue to stand by while Congress tries to expand a failing healthcare program (Medicare) to tens of millions of Americans? Will we stand idly by while they enact stricter environmental laws (cap and trade) when scientists are still at odds over man’s effect on global warming? Will we stand idly by while the largest Ponzi scheme in history (Social Security) is allowed to grow even more out of control? When will we stand up and let the government know that “We the people” are taking our country back?

I’ve asked a lot of questions. I hope everyone who reads this seriously thinks about each and every one. Do your research. Talk to friends and family. Talk to those who will challenge your opinions. Again, I’ve asked many questions, but I’ll leave you with one more: I’m willing to do my share of fighting for my freedoms, are you?