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How much of my money doesn’t belong to me? How much of the money I earn with my own two hands should be used to fund someone else’s retirement? Or their health care? Or anything for anyone, without my approval?

Has anyone who advocates for any government welfare program ever considered that maybe, just maybe, people would be more charitable if they got to keep more of their money? I bring home $490 out of my check every week. I send $110 every week to the government under the agreement that that money will help pay for the defense of this country, my health care when I’m old, and my retirement.

Instead, that money is used for unconstitutional nation building, other people’s health care, and other people’s retirement. Social Security trust fund? Doesn’t exist. A doctor that accepts Medicare or Medicaid? Fewer every day. Defending the country? Sure, if you count wars against countries which have done nothing to us and assassinating American citizens without a trial defending our country.

The plain truth is that anyone, including the government, that claims a stake on my money without my having voluntarily given it, is claiming a stake on a piece of your life. That equates to slavery. 

Every man is free to pursue his own selfish ends so long as he doesn’t infringe on or impede the right of someone else to do the same.


How many healthcare plans do you have to choose from when shopping for insurance? Go ahead and search the internet, I’ll wait……

Now, go here: click on compare plans, type in your zip code, and include nationwide plans. That’s how many more plans your local federal employees have to choose from.

Earlier, when I asked you to search the web for healthcare plans, how many of those were nationwide plans? Zero, right? Now, how many were nationwide for your local federal employees? For my location it was somewhere between 11 & 17.

So, by allowing true competition for federal health benefits, federal employees are able to choose from an array of plans from across the country. But us normal folk have to choose from plans in our little area. We can’t even shop in neighboring states for insurance.

Let’s face it: the left in D.C. that are pushing for a public option are really pushing for a single-payer system. But they fail to properly disclose who’s going to fund this takeover. First, they’ll make an estimated $500 billion in cuts to Medicare (cut Medicare to pay for an expanded Medicare system…makes perfect sense). Next, there will be an incremental surtax on incomes in excess of $250,000, I believe up to or starting at 5.4% (remember, in 2007 the top 1% of earners paid a tax rate of 22.45%, so a 5.4% increase takes them to 27.85%. Just over a quarter of their income).

But let’s be honest. The true cost, even according to CBO, will be a 10% or more increase in premiums. Don’t worry, though. The government will give you subsidies to offset the increase.

The really scary part? There are several actually. 1. The government will get involved in your hcr decisions. There’s no way around that. 2. Zeke Emmanuel (sp?) and John Holdren are on record describing how best to ration hcr in an emergency situation. People between the ages of 15-40 would get service first (because they’re the productive members of society), everybody else later. But who determines emergency situations? Why, the government of course.

But I’m a hate monger, a Nazi, a holocaust denier because I raise valid concerns over a government takeover of yet another industry. No one argues the facts I bring up. They only throw out the vague “we have to do something” or start the name calling. I agree we need to do something, but shouldn’t that something be Constitutional?